About Us

Jeffersons brewery is situated in Barnes, SW London and is probably the smallest commercial brewery in London! Weirdly we love that! Our brew system has a output of 200Litres per brew and our current production is 800 litres per week. I think a phrase that comes to mind is "sometimes the best things come in small packages".... 


The Jeffersons adventure began May 2017 by two hop exploring brothers on a quest to showcase a world of hops through well crafted, small batch session ales. We're into hops in a very big way. Every beer we formulate and brew allows the hops to take centre stage. In fact, Jeffersons is on one big hop exploration that will take our fellow beer drinkers on a journey of Humulus Lupulus discovery. Naturally, this makes all our beers hop forward, but we also like to keep things a little restrained in order to keep our beers approachable and sessionable. We believe the Jeffersons hop exploration shouldn't be for the minority but for the masses! Everyone should be able to join the Jeffersons adventure and explore a world of hops by their bittering, flavour and aroma attributes. There are hundreds of different hops grown all over the world which range from citrusy, to floral, earthy, piney, and we're dedicated to brewing with all of them for your discovery, but most of all your enjoyment. After all, Its our mission! 

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